Do you need a mural? Have a creative problem that needs an artist to solve it? Are you building or redecorating a business or home? Joe Pagac is a muralist and fine artist based out of Tucson, Arizona. He has been creating murals, canvas works, illustrations and fabricating 2D and 3D large scale sets and decorative works professionally for the past 11 years. Whether you need a mural, a painting, a sign, a childrens room painted for your kids, a 2 story Mayan temple in your parking lot or a 16 foot tall King Kong climbing the side of your building Joe Pagac can help you realize your most creative dreams! Joe is happy to fly nationally and internationally for larger jobs but predominantly serves the Arizona region including Oro Valley, Green Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa and Flagstaff. Joe is committed to providing you the best customer service and creating the most fantastic work of art possible. The job is not done until you are 100% satisfied. Call today for a free quote! (520) 490-2794


Joe landed his first mural with an artist for hire newspaper ad a few weeks after graduating college. It was an ocean scene on a fence, similar to what you would find in a kids nursery. It was a huge job, and for hardly any money, but it was confirmation that an artist COULD make money out there still. By continuously picking up odd art jobs from advertising in the paper he was able to quit his other job within a few months and pursue art full time. Painting 8 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week allowed him to hone his skills quickly. His next big break came when an interior decorator saw a Tromp L'oiel mural he had recently completed in a local office building. She asked him if he would join her team of faux painters, interior decorators and designers as their muralist. Once Joe was teamed up with the crew he was able to start churning out a mural every week or two for different high end clients in the foothills of Tucson and Oro Valley. Although these jobs were custom tailored to his clientele, he used each mural as a way to inform his own work, and was soon having group and solo gallery shows throughout the city. 

In 2007, Joe took a year off to travel the world, considering it his grad school. He made it through 8 countries, working, volunteering, sightseeing, and best of all painting a mural here and there across the planet. When he returned back to the United States he came home to a crashing economy where art had to be temporarily put on the back burner by most of his former clients. Undeterred, Joe branched out into new fields, expanding into the commercial and advertising market. If a restaurant needed a mural, Joe was on it. If a coffee shop needed a sign, he was there. He also jumped in and did a brief stint with Trader Joe's as their in house muralist and sign artist (and remains on their call list for large murals). In 2009 Joe teamed up with his concert promoter friend Charlie and together they created a whole new market for the street mural. Performance painting, live in front of an audience, met with huge success. Charlie would provide Joe with an upcoming concert and show date and joe would design a mural and then paint it live in front of thousands of people during the First Fridays Art Walk in Downtown Phoenix. This involved painting a 30 foot by 14 foot wall in a few hours. The concept rapidly expanded to Tucson and at it's peak Joe was repainting the same 6 walls live every month. 

Seeing how many people would pose in front of a completed mural led Joe to creating photo walls. If people are going to be posing with them anyway, why no make them interactive? Each mural would have elements like angel wings, a matadors cape, a t-rex on a chain or some other life sized elements people could jump in with and look like they were a part of the scene in a photo. Today, Joe continues to work in ALL of these different artistic fields, as well as putting a bit of time into book and magazine illustration and costume party promoting and organizing. His latest field is the large scale public mural, and it is likely he has his eyes on a few walls near you.